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Silhouette of two kickboxers one with a flying knee kick

I have always enjoyed pursuing things that are challenging in a way that contributes positively to my personal well-being.  For me, the most enjoyable activities demand commitment to continuously push myself mentally and physically.  I have enjoyed a number of challenging sports related activities in my life.  These have included competitive rugby, training programs in the gym, running far and swimming hard. 

My current focus, outside of my day job and when I am not writing articles, is technical SCUBA diving (including leading expeditions) and mixed martial arts.  These activities continue to offer endless opportunities for personal challenge, development and growth in so many ways.  For me, this is what keeps life interesting and balanced.     

If I measure myself in terms of how many competitions or medals I have won than I have not been particularly successful.  If I measure myself by my own progress and personal development then I have been successful.  However, if I measure myself by the respect and many friendships that I have earned along the way then I have been very successful and fortunate indeed.

My Mission is to provide interesting and useful information for anyone interested in any type of martial arts available today.

How I create content

Much of the content has been written by me or one of my contributing editors.  My research, comparisons and recommendations are painstakingly pursued.  I try to distinguish from my own opinion. Sometimes I use freelance writers in order to provide a wider, more diverse, range of interesting articles.  Where articles are written by freelance writers I still edit everything to ensure the highest quality standard is maintained for this website. 

Wherever possible we lay our hands on the actual products being reviewed.  Sometimes it is not possible to access items for comparison.  Even so we undertake detailed research which includes a significant reliance on extensive feedback from customers about these items.

Health, fitness and avoiding injury

One man in MMA gloves punching focus pads held by another man

I passionately believe that it is possible to train hard and reduce the risk of injury by taking a modern approach to fitness, nutrition, and using appropriate protective equipment and training aids.  While it is impossible and irresponsible to suggest that the risk of all injuries can be avoided there are many things that we can do to minimise the risk.  No one likes to miss training, or worse an assessment or competition because he or she is recovering from an injury.  Discipline in training and a sensible diet plus the right protective gear can go a long ways to keep you going and feeling good.  If you have read many of the articles on this website you will have probably noticed that this is a regular theme.

What's in it for you?

If you are passionate about any of the following statements then you will enjoy the content of this website:

  • Learning more about any of the many forms of martial arts
  • Self-improvement, focusing on mind & body
  • Learning new things to raise your game and keep it fresh
  • Wanting to take the first steps in finding a martial art that is right for you
  • Ensuring you or those you care about get maximum enjoyment from martial arts
  • Gaining knowledge that will help you make the best decisions for you child
  • Selecting the equipment that best suits your needs (while avoiding commercial sales pages)

If any of this is what you are after then I look forward to having you read our guides and reviews. Your comments are always appreciated.  You can start to learn more by clicking here. 

Cameron Cromwell